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How the Web have changed our civilization – interesting devices in today’s world – possibilities and threats.

Nowadays there are lots of great supporting technologies in many spheres of our existance. Brand new technologies support us in a large number of difficulties, but may they replace people?

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Autor: Graham Wynne

Artificial Intelligence is widely examined on many professional meetings . Our robots can help us in our life, but the most outstanding devices are created in IT-labs. Smart software, which could transfer millions of information. The biggest world’s corporations are trying to find the ways of communication which they may teach our personal computers. In ten maybe fifteen years our computers will talk with us. In these days new interaction program was tested in the USA, unfortunately it have to be improved. This program was related with social media and it was created to learn based on the Web information, but it stated to say racists and politically incorrect posts. All because a large number of evil-minded questions from the Global Web users. According to this examination we can clearly notice that thoughtless activity may destroy even a fantastic idea. It can be the same with real Artificial Intelligence, but it could end not just on shutting the computer down. However new technologies will be still increasing, specially in business area; Sales Force Automation software, SMT software, LS software these are just a little part of a2p monetisation possibilities.

Sales Force Automation software is only a little, but handy part of the whole marketing area and it is just a beginning of its possibilities – . This description can be connected with other areas. Many corporations are interested in investment in this market, because it can bring lots of money and marvelous business solutions.
In nearest future brand new technologies may replace people in some spheres, however not in every single thing. Androids and personal computer software going to help us, nevertheless they can’t show all of our emotions and all of relations that we have to have. There always will be a place for non-artificial intelligence.

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