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You wish to have exotic holidays? Visit Tokyo!

Year after year there are much more travel connections affordable from Poland. We no longer must to go to the Berlin to visit New York City or Argentina, we could go there from Warsaw or Krakow. The similar is with Asia. Although still less expensive is to travel to China from Germany, plenty of Polish people are preferring Polish carriers. Beside, flights to Tokyo are a lot cheaper, much more Poles are able to go there to visit this magical town. And there are many of monuments to admire, this amazing land is blend of exotic, older history and city jungle. If you are planning to go there, here are couple thinks you have to know.

If you wish to go there to explore it, the best term is in the middle of May. It is nice but not hot, a lot of sunny days and just few rainfalls (in June it is raining all the time). Also, after April, you could be certain that not a lot of Japanese voyagers will be there – a lot of relevant feasts are over, so they are staying at their home cities and the avenues of capital will be much less crowed. When you are searching for flights from Tokyo to Warsaw and on the another side, you must to look for it in the beginning of year, many of discounts are in this season, also in airline company’s websites (visit website). You have couple alternatives of firms, but make certain you know each of it regulations, before you book your ticket. Because every now and then, you may get great deals for flights to Tokyo, but it could turn out, that it is not contain the cost of a registered baggage. Be prepared for a long, over dozen hours trip. Take some magazines, books, wear comfortable clothes and try to relax before your flight.


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Next step will be to find some accommodation. When you are flying there for at least month, the finest way would be to rent entire apartment, you will find a special domain in the internet, when you type down correct phrase into your browser. You have to pay for whole month of using it, even if you are spending there only three weeks. The greatest thing about it, is that you get your own kitchen, so you will be able to cook your own food. If you are wanting to be there just two weeks, find yourself a hostel. The best idea will be this with three stars- it isn’t very expensive, and a lot of this hotels are located in the main areas in the city. But don’t wait with your reservation till the day you land, because much more cheaper room you could get by booking it on the internet.


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Another thing is a subway – Tokyo is a huge city, with plenty of lines, so first thing you have to go after you arrive, is to get fine map of all stations And if you are planning to use it a lot, get yourself special urban card. If you are planning to stay there for a month or longer, you do not need to take a lot of clothes, cause almost on every corner you are able to use really cheap dry cleaning services. If you are planning to go to the Japan, buy your flights from Tokyo to Warsaw together with your tickets in different direction, it will be much more cheaper.

Visiting the Japan can be very fascinating experience, if you will fallow those few rules above, you could have a vacations of your life, and in very reasonable prices. So book your flights to Tokyo, collect your baggage and let’s your adventure to begin.

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